Timing is everything


Bill Grabow


nmls # 1788366

Is now a good time to refinance if you are planning to refinance this year? We are not fortune tellers and do not pretend to know the future; but we are professionals trained and experienced at identifying and analyzing trends and market movements. Our opinion is that this month would be an advantageous time for refinancing your home or seriously considering a reverse mortgage. Real estate values are at record highs and mortgage interest rates are at near record lows; but slowly floating up.

This is an advantageous time for tax deductible purchases. This is an excellent time to replace double digit revolving debt with low single digit long term debt secured by an asset which is appreciating by double digits annually. Sound financial planning is forward looking and timely. There are good points to act and good times to not act. Our current analyses indicate that now is a good time for action.

There is a very good chance that you can take a cash out refinance and pay off that high interest debt, make that tax deductible expenditure, put cash in your investment account and/or bank while still lowering your house payment.

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