10 year bond benchmark


Bill Grabow


nmls # 1788366

Last week the yield of the benchmark US Treasury Note increased from 1.241 to 1.259 on Thursday; but for the weeks yields declined the most in 3 weeks after a 2- week period of increases.

Recent discussions of the Fed's ending bond purchases may foreshadow the coming of the usual reciprocal reaction in rates.

Should a secession of bond purchases by the Fed happen sooner rater than later due to increases in inflation and decreases in unemployment current mortgage rates look attractive.

The joker is as always, the Federal Government, the infrastructure bill or bills, and exactly how when and where the government chooses to "distribute" the funds.

In some scenarios there may follow a storm of tax-free high grade municipal bond sales.

Hard to predict the effect that compounded tax-free income being available on the bond market will have on the secondary mortgage market.

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